Waste Management Solutions

SORBTECH provides the full suite of environmental planning and waste treatment services for your environmental compliance requirements and provide a proactive maintenance strategy.

Whether the media is waste chemicals, bio-hazardous waste, or waste spillage, SORBTECH's skilled staff is there to help clients maintain site compliance. Across a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors, we respond to our client’s environmental concerns with an efficient and professional approach to your waste management needs in a safe and cost effective manner.

OMNI-FIX™ Solidifying Flocculent

Applications: For the flocculation/solidification of suspended heavy metals in wastewater streams such as lead, cadmium, gold, silver, platinum, copper and zinc.

A patented dry powder formulation of inorganic chemical that produces a peptized gel in aqueous solutions and dispersions. This gel has high flocculating and ion exchange properties for water insoluble organics and multivalent metal ions. Learn More

OMNI-KAP™ Waste Solidification Powder

Applications: Hypodermics, contaminated tools, low-level Radioactives, clothing, etc.

A safe an effective method used to neutralize and solidify solid or liquid hazardous waste. Learn More

SorbaSet B™ Caustic Spill Powder

Applications: Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide, Ammonium Hydroxide and amines

A safe and effective method to quickly neutralize and solidify hazardous caustic spills including water soluble organic and inorganic alkalis. Learn More

SorbaSet S™ Acid Spill Powder

Applications: Sulfuric, Hydrochloric, Phosphoric, and Nitric Acids

A safe and effective method to quickly neutralize and solidify hazardous acid spills including battery acid (electrolyte). Learn More

Universal SorbaSet™ Patented Universal Absorbent/Solidifier

Applications: Nonaqueous liquids, such as solvents and other organics

A patented Universal Absorbent/Solidifier for Emergency Spill Response. Learn More


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