STOP-IT! Sludge Thickening Absorbent Fiber - made from 98% recycled waste

SorbTech Manufacturing helps wastewater treatment facilities dewater sludge faster and with up to 40 percent less discharge to the environment. By conditioning sludge with STOP-IT! Absorbent Fiber, plants maximize the performance of dewatering devices (particularly belt filter presses) thereby reducing the weight/volume of the filter cake, improving its quality, and significantly reducing disposal costs.

SorbTech Manufacturing manufactures STOP-IT! Absorbent Fiber from recycled waste fiber (over 98 percent by weight) that otherwise would contribute to the growing demand on a limited supply of landfill space. Environmental conservation is exponentially compounded as STOP-IT is used to condition wastewater sludge for maximum dewater ability, in effect, reducing the amount of waste discharged to the environment by up to 40 percent.

STOP-IT! Absorbent Fiber absorbs 20 times its weight in oils- A ten pound bag is sufficient to pick up 25 gallons of oils, fuels, etc. Water and polar compound pick up is 15 tines it's freight. Dollar for dollar STOP-IT! Absorbent Fiber is THE most economical absorbent.

STOP-IT! Absorbent Fiber has less than Z% ash and furnishes 78OO BTU/# fuel value- It is eminently suitable for picking up and thickening wastes to be incinerated.

  • Non-mineral, recycled cellulose absorbent
  • High performance (20x its own weight)
  • Versatile
  • 90% lighter than clay
  • Non-hazardous material
  • Will thicken a variety of waste streams
  • Paint filter test compliant
  • Low dust generation
  • Easy to use
  • Less warehousing space required
  • Lass waste material for disposal


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