STOP-IT! Floor Sweep Absorbent Fiber

SorbTech Manufacturing utilizes our recycled cellulose fibers to collect (stabilize) hydrocarbon based chemicals including most reactive compounds. STOP-IT! Absorbent Fiber has a strong affinity for hydrocarbon-based liquids, particularly the primary aromatic compounds.

STOP-IT! Absorbent Fiber is one of the most efficient absorbents available being up to four times more efficient and cost effective than conventional “oil dry” or “kitty litter” type products. Even the simplest non aggressive spill can be collected using STOP-IT! Absorbent Fiber. Dramatic cost savings can be realized while long-term liability concerns are lessened because no waste goes into the landfill. Once put under pressure, the fiber releases the hydrocarbon for recycling or incineration in a waste to energy program.

The cost effective solution. STOP-IT! Absorbent Fiber absorbs 20 times its weight in oils- A ten pound bag is sufficient to pick up 25 gallons of oils, fuels, etc. Water and polar compound pick up is 15 tines it's weight. Dollar for dollar STOP-IT! Absorbent Fiber is THE most economical absorbent.

STOP-IT! Absorbent Fiber has less than Z% ash and furnishes 78OO BTU/# fuel value- It is eminently suitable for picking up and thickening wastes to be incinerated.

  • Non-mineral, recycled cellulose absorbent
  • High performance (20x its own weight)
  • Versatile
  • 90% lighter than clay
  • Will thicken a variety of waste streams
  • Effective for waste containing both fresh and saline water sludge applications
  • Paint filter test compliant
  • Low dust generation
  • Easy to use
  • Non-hazardous material
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be collected for recycling
  • Fully absorbs synthetic motor oil
  • Less warehousing space required
  • Lass waste material for disposal


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