STOP-IT! Absorbent Fiber - Engineered to pick up oils or water or both. The most efficient non-selective absorbent available.

STOP-IT! is a scientifically designed, lightweight fiber derived from recycled cellulose. It is engineered to pick up oils or water or both. It is the only fiber that is truly NON-SELECTIVE. Other fibers will pick up oil or water and when staturated with either will reject the other. A STOP-IT! fiber will pick up both at the same time. No need to use excess absorbent to pick up mixed spills!

  • Lightweight fiber derived from recycled cellulose
  • Absorbs 20 times its own weight in oils
  • Easy to use
  • Resulting waste material is safe for disposal or incineration
  • Saves cost, no need for multiple or excess absorbents
  • Suitable for picking up and thickening wastes to be incinerated
  • Easily wrung out for liquid recovery and absorbent reuse
  • Save on disposal costs
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STOP-IT! Absorbent Fiber absorbs 20 times its own weight in oils. A ten pound bag is sufficient to pick up 25 gallons of oils, fuels, etc. Water and polar compound pick up is 15 times its weight. Dollar for dollar, STOP-IT! Absorbent Fiber is THE most economical absorbent.

STOP-IT! Absorbent Fiber has less than 2% ash and furnishes 7,800 BTU/ lb. fuel value. It is emminenty suitable for pickug up and thickening wastes to be incinerated. Further, STOP-IT! Absorbent Fiber can be easily wrung out for liquid recovery and absorbent reuse. OMNI/ajax has pioneered the use of recycled fibers that can be reused through wringing for use as liquid absorbents.

STOP-IT! Absorbent Fiber is intended for non-aggressive liquids (pH2-pH10) and should NOT be used for oxidizers, strong acids or concentrated alakalies. The SorbaSet series of neutralizing solidifiers is suggested for these types of wastes.


Density: 6.6#/ft3 (as packed ) pH 6.8



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