SorbaSet S™ Acid Spill Powder - A safe and effective method to quickly neutralize and solidify hazardous acid spills including battery acid (electrolyte).

SorbaSet S™ is a patented acid neutralizer/solidifier specifically formulated to treat spills of mineral and organic acids including, but not limited to: sulfuric, hydrochloric, nitric, phosphoric, chromic, formic, hydrofluoric, and acetic. MOST ACIDS ARE NO LONGER HAZARDOUS.

  • Solidifies and neutralizes caustics in one step
  • Fast cleanup
  • Easy to use: Dust on spill or allow pillow to absorb to capacity. SorbaSet S™ stops bubbling when neutral.
  • Resulting waste material is safe for disposal
  • Low Outgassing
  • Mild controlled reaction
  • Save on disposal costs
  • Meet all EPA mandates
Kit Contents:
  • SorbaSet S™ Neutralizing caustic solidifier powder
  • Basic personal safety wear
  • Clean-up equipment
  • Case Study
  • Regulatory Considerations
  • Additional Information

"I picked up my spills with an olefin or clay based absorbent. Isn't that good enough?"

Amendments to the RCRA regulations enacted on November 8, 1994 prohibit land burial of free liquids, and liquids absorbed on biodegradable substrates or materials that release liquids under pressure.

Absorbing a spill of an acid or alkali leaves behind material just as corrosive, toxic, and reactive as before. Absorbents DO NOT CHANGE THE CHARACTERISTICS OF A WASTE! The absorbed waste MUST be neutralized and solidified before landfill burial! If you don't do it, your waste management company must. And they will CHARGE for this treatment, at quite a rate.failure to dispose of these materials properly can lead to severe fines.

This bar graph below demonstrates the retention abilities of solidification vs. absorption. Only the solidified OMNI compounds offer proper retention to meet new regulations for secure land burial.

The SorbaSet™ series are similar to OMNI-KAP™ in having neutralization properties (SorbaSet B™ for alkalis) and high absorption and fume repressing qualities. Universal SorbaSet™ will solidify non-aqueous liquids with a simple addition of water. Pollutants treated with OMNI-KAP™ and the SorbaSet™ series are not as leach resistant as those treated with OMNI-FIX™ and OMNI-TRAP™ media.

US PATENT #4517095 AND #4436645

30 lbs. of SorbaSet S neutralizes and solidifies: 5 qts. 40% Hydrochloric Acid; 3 qts. 40% Hydrofluoric Acid; 7 qts. 40% Nitric Acid; 5 qts. 78% Acetic Acid; 3 qts. 85% Phosphoric Acid. The final neutralization of SorbaSet S is the calcium salt of the acid in an inorganic cementatious matrix. As outlined above, except for Fluoride Acids, this is NO LONGER TOXIC, REACTIVE, OR CORROSIVE.

Aggressive Fluids Spill Kits provide instant access to everything you need to respond to and contain a hazardous waste acid spill. Emergency response guide prepares employees to prevent, prepare, and react to hazardous waste acid and base spills. A must have for any environment using aggressive fluids. Custom kits are available upon request. OMNI/ajax will be happy to work with you to create a custom spill kit specific to your needs. Please give us a call at (570)-848-4186 or, use the link below to contact us. For information on Spill Kit refills, please contact an OMNI distributor.

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