OMNI Lab Pack Spill Kit - Your health and safety depend on being prepared for accidental chemical spills.

When suddenly faced with an acidic, caustic, biohazardous, or formaldehyde spill, the best solution is to be prepared with a plan and the right materials. The OMNI LAB PACK SPILL KIT contains every type of spill clean-up product for ALL liquid spills encountered in industrial, commercial, and medical laboratories.

What size spill kit do I need?

More than absorbents, we offer NEUTRALIZING agents

Many commercial and homemade spill cleanup products merely absorb liquids, but do nothing to eliminate the hazard. The OMNI Spill Cleanup Products don't just absorb-they neutralize the hazard or reduce flammable or toxic vapors and in the process solidify the wastes into a solid stable mass. Cleanup is fast, and the neutralized spill is safe for disposal.

For your convenience, OMNI offers the Laboratory Spill Pack. Each kit comes with a supply of materials to effectively treat acid, caustic, aldehyde, biohazardous and mercury spills in a convenient case. You may choose to develop a customized OMNI Spill Cleanup kit. 

Many of the most frequently used reagents are also the most hazardous to handle. Spills of these chemicals can lead to fire, explosion, burns and exposure to toxic substances.

This kit contains 16 oz (fluid) shaker top jugs of:

SorbaSet S™ is a patented acid neutralizer/solidifier specifically formulated to treat spills of mineral and organic acids including, but not limited to: sulfuric, hydrochloric, nitric, phosphoric, chromic, formic, hydrofluoric, and acetic. MOST ACIDS ARE NO LONGER HAZARDOUS.

SorbaSet B™ is specifically formulated to treat caustic and organic bases and is effective in neutralizing and solidifying many caustics including, but not limited to: sodium hydroxide, ammonium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, and amines. MOST CAUSTICS ARE NO LONGER HAZARDOUS.

UNIVERSAL SorbaSet™ Absorbent/Solidifier is a product used to treat many common hydrocarbon solvents and fuel spills. The technology used with this cementatious material is that of adsorption. When properly applied to an unknown spill, SorbaSet can rapidly adsorb the spill, contain it, and reduce the vapor release - extremely important for all solvents, particularly those which are flammable or toxic. Absorbs and solidifies ALL liquids. DECISION FREE SPILL CLEAN UP!

FormaSet™is specifically produced to treat formaldehyde spills and to rapidly knock down the formaldehyde vapors coming from a spill. The agents react with the formaldehyde to absorb and neutralize. The result is a remarkable decrease in the release of formaldehyde vapors from the spill, as compared to conventional spill control methods such as clay, sand, or absorbents. Use in conjunction with UNIVERSAL SorbaSet™ Absorbent/Solidifier for final treatment of wastes.

BioSet™ Body Fluid Solidifier patented cementatious based powder for ALL forms of body fluids. BioSet™ represents CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommended technology. A safe and effective method to solidify hazardous biohazardous spills, BioSet™ is highly effective on cyanide as most cyanides are turned into cyanates. Simply sprinkle BioSet™ on spilled blood, urine, vomit or other potentially hazardous waste and the fluid is solidified. Just scoop up the dry powder and dispose in accordance with federal and local regulations.

Mercury Magnet™ powder is the remedy for the fumes released by spills of Mercury metal, turns liquid mercury into a solid non-vaporizing form, eliminating mercury vapor. This is EPA Best Available Technology for treating mercury spills. This solidified amalgam can be easily picked up using a common magnet and is ready to be recycled.

Treatment Kits (Shakers)

The Treatment Kits have been developed to economically treat small spills, such as those that might occur in a laboratory environment. The Spill Treatment Kit provides easy access to the proper spill control agent for a particular type of chemical spill. The polypropylene containers allow for either a pouring type application of the agent or a shaker type application. The products are offered in individual Spill Treatment Kits specifically available for acids, caustics, body fluids, mercury and formaldehyde or as the OMNI Lab Spill Pack. Each bottle can treat up to a 0.5-gallon spill that is equivalent to approximately a 15 - 20 ft.2 spill. The exact spill area that can be properly treated is a function of the acid, caustic, and solvent type, as well as the concentration.

Additional Information:

OMNI/ajax is a leader in Spill Control technology in the United States. The advanced formulations of SorbaSet S™SorbaSet B™UNIVERSAL SorbaSet™Absorbent/Solidifier, FormaSet™BioSet™ and Mercury Magnet™ powders are effectively being used to treat acid, caustic, mercury, body fluid and aldehyde spills. By using the OMNI products, you increase your worker safety, minimize the volume of waste products compared to other treatment methods, and you minimize downtime due to the spill. All these factors will save you money. OMNI's patented Spill Control products are the 'Advance Products' for the future.

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