OMNI-KAP™ Hazardous Waste Solidification Powder

OMNI-KAP™ waste disposal powder is a safe an effective method used to neutralize and solidify solid or liquid hazardous waste. The OMNIKAP Solidification Kit includes everything you need to manage your waste based on patented OMNI solidification technology combined with over ten years of practical field applications and experience.

To reduce the risk of removing and transporting collected waste, OMNI-KAP was specifically engineered to eliminate the risk of hazardous aerosolization and splashing of waste fluids while neutralizing solid waste. In fact, OMNI-KAP exceeds the newest DOT waste disposal regulation under HM-226, Hazardous Materials. When used properly, OMNI-KAP creates a dry inert solid, making for safer handling of waste. That’s smart business.

  • Patented OMNI solidification technology
  • A waste kit that includes 4 one-gallon containers of OMNI-KAP powder.
  • Available in bulk form for larger scale waste solidification
  • Cementatiously neutralizes and solidifies hazardous waste
  • No special tools or equipment necessary
  • Designed for ease of use
  • Resulting waste material is safe for transport and disposal
  • Exceeds the newest DOT waste disposal regulations
  • Product Applications
  • Additional Information

OMNI-KAP is a dry powder that cementatiously solidifies and neutralizes wastes and waste fluids. No special tools or equipment is required. Simply mix the powder with water in the containers provided and add your waste. Cleanup is fast and the encapsulated waste material is safe for disposal. All free water is chemically bound, not gelled as is the case with many competitive products. The final reaction product is a dry inert solid.

OMNI-KAP™ is slightly caustic and care should be taken to prevent skin and eye contact. Gloves and goggles should be worn. Wash off skin immediately. Flush out eyes with water. OMNI-KAP™ dusts should not be inhaled. Wear a suitable OSHA/NIOSH respirator for caustic dusts. OMNI-KAP™ should not be taken internally. In case of accidental ingestion , call a doctor immediately! Treatment is for lime and fluorides. Induce vomiting. While relatively nontoxic, OMNI-KAP™should be handled with care appropriate to all industrial chemicals.

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