OMNI-KAP™ Liquid Medical Waste Disposal Powder - A safe and effective method to neutralize and solidify hazardous medical wastes.

A convenient medical waste kit designed for eliminating unnecessary chemical spills and potentially hazardous aerosolization and splashing of the infectious collected waste fluids. Eliminates potential spilling while transporting body fluids. Promotes workplace safety by eliminating splashing and aerosoling of potentially infectious liquid waste Available in bulk form for larger scale waste solidification.

Solidify and neutralize medical wastes in one step!

OMNI-KAP™ is a dry powder that cementatiously solidifies medical wastes such as sharps, needles,and broken glass. No special tools or equipment are needed. Cleanup is fast and the resulting waste material is safe for disposal. All free water is chemically bound, not just gelled as in many competitive products. The final reaction product is a dry semi-loose powder in appearance.

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The OMNI-KAP™ SHARPS SOLIDIFICATION KIT is based on patented OMNI solidification technology backed by over ten years of field use. A kit consists of 4 one gallon plastic containers of special OMNI-KAP™ powder which when mixed with water will rapidly set encapsulating any medical waste that have been added. Each container makes approximately one gallon of rock like solid when set. Ideal for needles, syringes, vials, etc.

OMNI-KAP™ exceeds the newest DOT medical waste disposal regulation under HM-226, Hazardous Materials: Revision to Standards for Infectious Substances. It is within the bylaws of this regulation that state infectious materials being transported off site for treatment and disposal in either non-bulk or bulk containers be packaged in accordance with the agency’s Packing Group II performance standards. Any infectious materials must be packed within red bags with added absorbent materials to collect and retain all liquids during transport. OMNI-KAP™solidifies in a cementatious matrix, not merely absorbs the fluids, making for safer handling of the wastes.

NOTE: For maximum effectiveness in cases of dried residue, OMNI-KAP™ powder will need added water to react cementatious powders. Use sprayer bottle to apply.

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