OMNI-DAM™ Diking Kit

The OMNI-DAM™ Diking Kit is a complete system for the containment of a wide variety of liquid spills.

Simple to use, simply moisten with water and mold in place. Solidified dikes are legal for burial. Absorbent diking compounds cannot be buried!

The kit contains four 48“ x 4“ OMNI-DAM™ booms for aggressive liquids. This rapid set inorganic diking compound based on the OMNI-KAP™ technology All booms are packed in a heavyweight plastic bag that can be included in a spill station or carried behind a truck seat.

No Special Conditions Needed!
Most cementatious reactions require exacting conditions and special equipment. The OMNI line of hazardous waste disposal products overcomes this problem. * Neither absorbents or adsorbents meet the requirements for RCRA for landfill burial.

Spill Contingency Plan
Current O.S.H.A. and E.P.A. regulations require a spill response contingency plan. The OMNI-DAM™ Diking Kit meets that requirement economically and easily. 

OMNI-DAM™ Diking Kit is a critical component of our Factory Spill Kit, which includes one each of the following: 

One 30# bag Universal SorbaSet™ Solidification powder
One 30# bag SorbaSet S™ acid neutralization/solidification powder
One 30# bag SorbaSet B™ caustic neutralization/solidification powder
One case of OMNI-DAM™ diking booms.

OMNI also produces the HAZ MAT STAT PAK for corrosive and hazardous spills and the SPILL RESPONSE KIT for non agressive fluids and oils. Complete kit for the first responder!

Additional Information:

US Patent # 4,517,095

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