FormaSet™ is a proprietary granular designed as a quick response for safe vapor control and waste management of spilled aldehydes.

Safe and effective, FormaSet effectively neutralizes and absorbs hazardous aldehyde spills such as Formaldehyde, Gluteraldehyde and Formalin by first suppressing vaporization aldehyde. The aldehyde is then converted into a polymeric compound for safe and easy clean up and disposal.

The FormaSet spill kit contains all of the basic personal safety wear and clean-up equipment for quick response and ease of use.

  • FormaSet™ Formaldehyde/Gluteraldehyde spill powder
  • Easy-grip, easy-pour bottle
  • A complete kit that includes safety wear and clean-up equipment
  • FormaSet is also available in pillow, sock, or bulk form
  • Neutralizes and absorbs hazardous aldehyde spills
  • Designed for quick response and disposal
  • Complies with OSHA standards
  • Safety risks and environmental hazards minimized
  • Product Applications
  • Additional Information
  • Regulatory Considerations

Because formaldehyde vapor is a suspected carcinogen, FormaSet was specifically developed to neutralize and absorb Formaldehyde, Gluteraldehyde and Formalin spills as quickly and as safely as possible.

Following an incident, simply apply the FormaSet granular until the spill is rendered into a dry state. For added safety, a vapor barrier sheet (supplied with the spill kit) should be placed over the spill and remain in place for a minimum of one hour. If a formaldehyde odor continues to be present, additional FormaSet™ should be applied. (SorbaSet S™ can also be applied if increased thickening is desired).

Once in a polymeric form, the resultant product is no longer hazardous and can be removed and easily disposed of using the clean-up equipment supplied with the spill kit.

Formaldehyde vapor is a health hazard and a suspected carcinogen. Spills should be cleaned up immediately! Dust on FormaSet™ until spill appears dry. Cover after FormaSet™ addition with vapor barrier sheets. Allow sheet to remain in place for a minimum of one hour. If any formaldehyde odor is present, add moreFormaSet™ and recover. After complete FormaSet™ reaction, the resultant product is no longer hazardous as it reduces the potential of overexposure to harmful vapors. If resultant reacted product is still liquid, it may be thickened by the \ addition of SorbaSet S™ powder until dry in appearance. For added convenience, the combined solidifier/neutralizer comes packaged in an easy-grip, easy-pour poly bottle. FormaSet™ is also available in pillow, sock, or bulk volume.


Personnel safety risks and environmental hazards are minimized.

Handles "Foreseeable Emergency during uncontrolled release of hazardous material." OSHA 1910.1200.

Satisfies spill neutralizer requirements in OSHA 1926.441 & 1910.178. "Facilities must have means to neutralize spilled hazardous materials."

EPA: "New Technology and Spill Containment Programs" Federal Register Vol 55, No. 72/ April 13, 1990; "Agents are available that solidify, neutralize, and suppress vaporization.”)


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