BioSet™ Blood/Biohazardous Spill Powder - A safe and effective method to solidify biohazardous spills.

Designed for a quick response to leaks, spills or infectious wastes.

BioSet™ is a proprietary powder that cementatiously solidifies body fluids such as blood serum and vomitus. Now you can solidify and neutralize biohazards and infectious wastes in one simple step. Cleanup is fast and easy with the BioSet spill kit and the resulting waste material is safe for disposal.

Ideal for:

Ambulance Drivers 
Hospitals and Clinics 
Funeral Homes 
Correctional Facilities 
Law Enforcement 
Medical/Healthcare Facilities 
Fire Departments

Simply shake BioSet on the bodily fluid until it is dry in appearance with the final result being a dry semi-loose powder that is easy to handle, package, and dispose of. Many competitive products create a messy gelled condition making clean-up difficult.

  • BioSet™ blood/biohazardous spill powder
  • Easy-grip, easy-pour bottle
  • A complete kit that includes safety wear and clean-up equipment
  • Cementatiously solidifies body fluids
  • Designed for quick response and disposal
  • Complies with OSHA standards
  • Safety risks and environmental hazards minimized

The kit contains basic personal safety wear, clean-up equipment and BioSet™ solidifier powder.

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  • Regulatory Considerations
  • Effectively Neutralizes
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Professionals who come in contact with human blood and bodily waste fluids can be exposed to potentially infectious hazards. BioSet is a safe and effective method for solidifying hazardous biohazardous fluids. Ideal for crime and accident scenes, many industries and those at risk can benefit from this technology including:

  • Ambulance Drivers
  • Funeral Homes
  • Medical/Healthcare Facilities
  • Law Enforcement
  • Schools
  • Laboratories
  • Manufacturers
  • Fire Departments
  • and Correctional Facilities

BioSet treated body fluids should be disposed of as medical waste. BioSet represents CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommended technology.

Personnel safety risks and environmental hazards are minimized. Handles "Foreseeable Emergency" during "uncontrolled release of hazardous material" (OSHA 1910.1200). BioSet™ meets the OSHA Blood and Body Fluids Standard (29CFR Part 1910.1030) (This product is for solidification and containment)

BioSet™ Is a combination of chemicals that cementatiously solidify body fluids such as blood serum, vomitus, etc. Solidify and neutralize biohazards and infectious wastes in one step - cleanup is fast and the resulting waste material is safe for disposal. For added convenience, the combined solidifier comes packaged in an easy-grip, easy-pour poly bottle. Simply shake on powder until spill is dry in appearance. Allow at LEAST 15-30 minutes for solidification of BioSet and infectious waste to begin to solidify! All free water is chemically bound NOT just gelled as in many competitive products. The final reaction product is a dry semi-loose powder in appearance. BioSet™ treated body fluids should be disposed of as Medical Waste. BioSet™ represents CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommended technology. BioSet™ is also available in bulk volume.

NOTE: For maximum effectiveness in cases of dried residue, BioSet™ powder will need added water to react cementatious powders. Use sprayer bottle to apply.



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