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The SorbTech family of products have been designed to provide the medical, institutional, industrial, and consumer markets with environmental friendly waste management and disposal solutions.

Our complete line of products includes solutions for:


Providing a low cost alterntive to polyproprelene based sorbents, we cover all aspects of oil spills on land and water. We make it possible to recover your non-hazardous spills in a simplistic manner.

Whether your needs involve a simple machine shop waste management, or solution to a long term waste disposal issue, SORBTECH''s expertise can help you achieve your requirements to industry standards with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our recycled cellulose oil sorbents allow for more efficient collection and recycling, lowering your waste costs and giving added value for your maintenance needs.

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Emergency Spill Control

Through years of customer feedback and experiences, SORBTECH designed a patented line of cementatious materials to treat hazardous wastes. A strong emphasis on urgency of initial response and waste collection was the basis of our product development. These materials chemically neutralize, absorb AND solidify the wastes into an inert, non-toxic powder.

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Health Care

SORBTECH offers a diverse range of unique spill control materials, consulting, and technical support for your pharmaceutical and bio hazardous wastes. We help you with your healthcare waste issues in an efficient manner to enhance worker safety and workplace compliance.

We combine expert understanding of local and regional regulatory issues relating to healthcare wastes with the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our 30 years of experience. You can rely on our expertise, technical capability, and speed to get your healthcare waste concerns faster.

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SORBTECH provides cost-effective wastewater and other contaminated effluent-related services at operating and inactive landfills, industrial facilities, abandoned hazardous waste sites, and commercial facilities.

Tailored to accommodate the site’s size and complexity, SORBTECH can address every phase of a customer's needs, from initial waste characterization through compliance monitoring. Our focus on the removal of heavy metals from waste streams with the intent of recovery of these precious metals gives us competitive advantage.

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Waste Management

Whether the media is waste chemicals, bio-hazardous waste, or waste spillage, SORBTECH's skilled staff is there to help clients maintain site compliance. Across a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors, we respond to our client’s environmental concerns with an efficient and professional approach to your waste management needs in a safe and cost effective manner.

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