Absorbent/Solidifying Solutions

Designed to provide the institutional, industrial, and consumer markets with environmental friendly waste management and disposal solutions

Whether your needs involve a simple machine shop waste management, or solution to a long term waste disposal issue, SORBTECH's expertise can help you achieve your requirements to industry standards with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our recycled cellulose oil sorbents allow for more efficient collection and recycling, lowering your waste costs and giving added value for your maintenance needs.

SorbaSolv™ Custom Booms, Oil Sorbent

Applications: Oil Sorbent Applications: Oil on Water

A patented recycled cellulose based oil absorbent with an extremely high absorbency for permanent water repellency and oil retention. Learn More

Battery Spill kit

Applications: Sulfuric Acid

The SorbaSet S™ pillows and booms are sufficient for over a gallon of battery acid, turning it into a solid, neutralized end product, easily handled and ready for HazMat burial with NO FURTHER TREATMENT! Learn More

SorbaSet B™ Caustic Spill Powder

Applications: Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide, Ammonium Hydroxide and amines

A safe and effective method to quickly neutralize and solidify hazardous caustic spills including water soluble organic and inorganic alkalis. Learn More

SorbaSet S™ Acid Spill Powder

Applications: Sulfuric, Hydrochloric, Phosphoric, and Nitric Acids

A safe and effective method to quickly neutralize and solidify hazardous acid spills including battery acid (electrolyte). Learn More

Universal SorbaSet™ Patented Universal Absorbent/Solidifier

Applications: Nonaqueous liquids, such as solvents and other organics

A patented Universal Absorbent/Solidifier for Emergency Spill Response. Learn More

STOP IT! Absorbent Fiber

Applications: Oil on land

Engineered to pick up oils or water or both. The most efficient non-selective absorbent available. Learn More

STOP IT! Floor Sweep Absorbent Fiber

Applications: Oil on land

Our recycled cellulose fibers to collect (stabilize) hydrocarbon based chemicals including most reactive compounds. STOP-IT! Absorbent Fiber has a strong affinity for hydrocarbon-based liquids, particularly the primary aromatic compounds. Learn More

STOP IT! Sludge Thickening Absorbent Fiber

Applications: Oil on land

Made from 98% recycled waste STOP IT! Absorbent Fiber Floor Sweep helps wastewater treatment facilities dewater sludge faster and with up to 40 percent less discharge to the environment. Learn More


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