Learn the history behind cutting-edge, engineered spill control solutions from SorbTech

SorbTech Mfg, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets proprietary spill control products for hazardous and biohazardous waste clean-up. In fact, we’ve been at it for 30 years.

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing best-in-class products and technologies to the environmental, marine, oil & gas, medical, institutional, and industrial markets that promote proper waste management and environmentally friendly disposal solutions.


Our next generation of oil spill sorbent technology is a patented, biodegradable cellulose fiber that has the highest absorption rate of any fiber. Branded as the original cellulose absorbent, this fiber is highly effective in water and land remediation and as a filter substrate.

The company's patented line of cementatious powders are engineered to meet OSHA and EPA regulatory compliance for the chemical treatment and true solidification (not simple absorption or gelling) of body fluids, infectious wastes, and all forms of hazardous liquids including aldehydes, caustics and acids.

For proper decontamination and clean up of mercury spills, the company’s proprietary amalgamation powder reacts with mercury to form a solidified magnetic amalgam for quick response and clean up with an ordinary magnet. Hands down, the most effective and safest solution on the market today.


SorbTech – 30 Years of Experience and Market Expertise